Problems with defaulters are more prevalent today than ever before! Many Belgian businesses are affected, but do not know how to effectively approach the issue. Taking on a specialised collections agency in such situations will very often provide an answer and we visited such a company!
For collections agency FlexCredit BVBA, no two assignments to act as an intermediary are the same. We adapt our methodology to each specific situation. This is how we can always guarantee that we can offer a flexible tailor-made solution.

FlexCredit assists organisations on different fronts by offering a solution that handles problematic defaulters. It can range from evaluating potential clients to collecting unpaid invoices in an amicable manner as well as (if necessary) initiating legal proceedings. The company works with leading players in the areas of Credit Control, credit information, and legal assistance to guarantee your invoices are properly followed up on and collected. This includes exercising the required forms of pressure to enforce payment.