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Our procedures are streamlined and each action we carry out is essential. This ensures that we obtain the maximum possible result for each collection case. We review your needs, estimate the best way we can meet these needs, and carry out the work with the minimum inconvenience and in the shortest possible period of time.
We also provide our clients with the option of incorporating their own emphasis on the collection procedure. No two cases are the same, so FlexCredit always ensures that each case is handled in a unique way. How we carry out each case depends on different factors, such as the financial situation of the debtor or the sector in which they work. These are just a few of factors involved. A flexible attitude is guaranteed for each case given that each client and debtor must be approached in a different manner. So, an efficient tailor-made solution is guaranteed. We have also optimised debtor management.

Second Placement

Lapsed and depreciated debts that were tackled previously, but did not show results, can often be resolved using our services.

We can renew the case and start a new collection procedure. And not in a blunt manner, but in a calm yet stringent manner. First and foremost, we re-initiate the communication between debtor and creditor with FlexCredit as the intermediary. Afterwards, we take a tailor-made approach and use all available resources so that finally all owed amounts are paid to the rightful party. Specifically… in your bank account.

Debt monitoring

You use this form to pass on your open invoices so that FlexCredit can take the necessary internal actions. In this phase, acting on behalf of our client, FlexCredit asks your debtor in a amicable manner to settle their debt. This work method does not require you to make changes to your current debtor management. Rather, it acts as a supplement during busier periods or during long-term absences of your debtor administrator. This ensures that your portfolio is always properly followed up on.

Amicable collections

This form allows you to pass on an unlimited number of domestic and international invoices to be collected using the ‘No results, no fee’ principle. FlexCredit has a wide range of resources to guarantee the collection case is resolved. The status of a case can always be looked up using our online portal, which also has a link to the credit information.

Credit information

Are you wondering whether your business partner is solvent and can actually pay?

If so, use our credit information service to enquire about your trade partners at home and internationally.

We do not require a subscription or minimum purchase. You simply request the individual reports you want and we then will send you a monthly invoice.

No results, no fee!

Feel free to request our rates.

Joeri De Backer joeri.debacker@flexcredit.be or +32 474 63 79 08

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We jointly decide on which steps will be taken

Each client situation is different, which requires each approach to be different. For example, with a client running a e-shop, we can work through the entire collection process from the first demand all the way through to the engaging of a bailiff. For a law firm, we can initiate the initial demand together with a follow up phone call, and then decide whether or not to make a personal visit. In the case of a lawyer or barrister, in some cases, immediately engage a bailiff who initiates legal proceedings. For a bank, we make several phone calls to follow up on the arrears. In short, each situation concerning internal debtor management differs from client to client. This is why we believe in taking a flexible tailor-made approach initiated by and for people.

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Phone demand 1/2
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Judicial officer
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Legal proceedings


& consultancy

FlexCredit provides a qualitative training programme where the entire internal debtor management of our client is scrutinised. We examine the debtor management process both theoretically and practically. No other company can match FlexCredit’s experience with Credit Management. This makes us the best in the field when it comes to sharing our experience. To safeguard the quality of our training programme, we always provide one-on-one or one-on-two courses that are tailored to the specific needs and wishes of our clients.

Screening & segmentation

    • The qualitative screening of prospects and customers.
    • Identifying the healthy and less healthy companies and segments.
    • Determining internal follow-up periods.

Carrying out collections in practice.

    • Modifying/Drawing up demand letters and emails.
    • Drawing up a script for phone reminders.
    • Practical exercises.


    • Law concerning payment arrears on outstanding invoices for commercial transactions.
    • The Law concerning Collection I.
    • Differences in statutory provisions between B2B and B2C.


& selection

Is your debtor management department experiencing staff absenteeism due to illness or holidays, or do you sometimes need some additional capacity during a particular period? If so, FlexCredit has your solution! We can provide our people to work for you on a flexible, temporary basis. This ensures your debtor’s owed amounts will not fall too much in arrears and guarantees the healthy cash flow of your organisation. All of our people have a minimum of five years experience in the area of Credit and Collections and will need little or no training at your office.

FlexCredit wants to support their clients in their staffing policy by screening, selecting, and training collectors/credit managers and other hires with financial profiles. The in-house training provided to the recruited candidates means they can directly go to work in your company. So, you do not need to train our people that you take on. FlexCredit guarantees that this method provides your Credit and Collections team with a strong player.

FlexCredit offers you the option of having your current work processes fully audited. We work to fully optimise your Credit and Collection department from preventative measures through to best practices within your collections processes. We strive to increase efficiency and reduce costs in your department. The objective here is to drastically reduce the number of customer credit days. Our action plan guarantees you that the liquidity and solvency of your company will improve.

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Debtor managers

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Credit managers

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Finance managers